Saturday, March 7, 2009

Goat Kidding - Preperation

Before Kidding (2-3 days) :
  • Clip around the goats udder, tail and anus, down the back legs to the hocks with a number 10 blade. You may also use a number 40 on the udder.
  • Prepare Kidding Pen
  • Trim your nails
Supplies to have on hand for kidding:
  • Phone Number of an experienced helper - we recommend the phone number of a vet but realize that isn't always possible
  • Garbage bag for disposing of afterbirth and any paper items
  • Flashlight - can shine through bubble if needed to ensure kid in correct position, also depending on the doe, may make the doe less anxious than a light.
  • Clean towels, burlap sacks, paper towels, puppy pads, or other item for drying kid off
  • Bucket for warm water
  • Betadine or Provodone scrub
  • Quiet Hairdryer - not Necessary but can jump start weaker kids
  • 7% (if possible) iodine and small cup - for dipping the umbilical cord
  • OB loop or small chain
  • Newspaper - may be handy for cleaning area if spread before hand
  • Scissors
  • Molasses or dark Karo - mix with wrm water to prevent ketosis after kidding
  • Goat Serum concentrate - not necessary unless the kid is born immuno-compromised or does not receive good colostrum but a good item to have on hand
  • Needles and syringes for administering serum
  • A Save-a-kid syringe - This is a large syringe and a feeding tube for administering milk into the stomach of a weak kid
  • Colostrum replacer - Keep on hand to administer to a kid that is not receiving enough colostrum or no colostrum
  • Kid Kare concentrate - vitamin, protein supplement
  • Nutri-drench or probious Gel - supplemental bacteria and nutrition
  • Navel cord clamps - not required but may be nice (dental floss may also be used)
  • Long disposable Gloves and Lube - Hopefully you will not need these but have on hand anyways
  • Kid I.D. bands - may be wanted
  • Udder wash - cleaning up doe if needed, prewash vaginal area if doe will allow
Signs of pending Kidding:

Ligaments dissapear - Feel the ligaments right on either side of the tail head. They should feel like two pencils, one on either side of the tail. If they dissapear then kidding is likely to happen in the next 24 hours. They have been known to be hard to find and appear gone and then reappear.

The doe's tail head may be noticeably raised. If you can almost put your fingers all the way around the spine in front of the tail head and her spine appears to be more level towards the butt then kidding may happen sometime within the next 24 hours.Her vulva may get "flabby"

"Far away" look in the doe's eyes. Space case, her eyes are wide. The whites of eye may get slightly bloodshot.She may continually look behind her.

Pawing at the ground (making a nest). They may start to do this a long time before kidding so this is not as reliable of a sign. Keep checking on her and looking for the other signs

Shifting positions often, getting up and then laying down.

Long string of mucous may be hanging from the doe's vagina. If it is amber colored, not clear or opaque white, it is part of the amniotic fluid and kidding should happen very soon.

The doe's udder in full and tight. This is also called bagging up, it is also an unreliable sign because not all does will "bag up" before they kid. The udder may also become shiny or glossy

The doe wants to be alone The doe may go off to be alone to have a kid, keep a close eye on her so that she doesn't wander to a bad location for kidding, it is probably a good idea to put her in the kidding stall at this point

The doe may becomes more vocal. If a normally quiet doe suddenly starts making a big fuss put her in the kidding stall.

The doe may do a lot of stretching and/or yawning. This can be done to help arrange the kids in the correct positions for labor

The doe may become more affectionate toward you. Or she may start acting aggresive, every doe is different and will have her own signs

A doe doing anything abnormal around her due date should result in her being watched more carefully.

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