Friday, January 30, 2009

Give your own IM - intramuscular shots

Giving you own IM shots is similar to giving SQ ones. You prepare the site, There are several recommended locations as demonstrated by the picture, they are about the same on each type of animal. A lot of people recommend the rump area, I recommend the neck or front shoulder areas so that there is less of a chance of hitting the sciatic nerve. Prepare the area; restrain the animal, clip if possible, and rub with alcohol to disinfect. Horses or large animals that are not in a stanchion it is recommended to procede slightly different.

Small animals or stanchioned animals: Have needle on syringe full of injection. Grasp the area and pinch slightly to make muscle buldge upward. Insert the syringe into the prepared area at an almost 90 degree angle. You don't want to hit bone, just muscle. As always the tip of the point, or bevel, on the needle goes downward, closest to the animal. Once needle is inserted, release your grasp, then withdraw on the plunger to ensure proper placement. Plunger should withdraw easily and should not withdraw blood. If placement is correct push plunger all the way down, injecting the fluid in the syringe. Withdraw needle and syringe and wipe area with alcohol again if animal will permit.

Large animal: Detach needle from syringe and place needle quickly into prepared area. When animal is calm and still attach syringe without removing needle and proceed as above. You still need to ensure that the needle is in the right place by withdrawing on the plunger of the syringe, if it withdraws easily, proceed. If you've hit a blood vessel blood will be coming out of the needle before you attached the syringe.

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