Thursday, January 29, 2009

Give your own Subcutaneous shots

Obtain proper vaccination for the animal, make sure that the label says that it is for subcutaneous, SQ, or SC injection. Restrain the animal as little as possible. If possible clip the hair off in that area so that no bacteria off the fur is introduced when vaccinating. However, it is also accepted that for one reason or another some animals cannot be clipped. This can be done anywhere on the body that the skin is loose but between the shoulder blades tends to be best. Wet the area thoroughly with alcohol. Gently pinch a loose fold of skin upwards creating a tent in the skin. the sharpest point of the needle should be on the bottom with the hole that the "medicine" comes out of facing upward. Insert your needle (attached to the syringe) into this tent of skin. Ensure that your needle does not go throught the other side of the "tent" but stays within it. Withdraw on the plunger first to ensure that you have not hit any nerves, blood vessels, or muscle. If only air is sucked into the syringe you are ready to inject, push plunger down fully and remove needle. Congratulations you just gave your animal it's vaccination.

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