Monday, February 16, 2009

The funny thing about animal work...

The funny thing about the animal profession is that you can’t ever predict the things that are possible and will happen. Working in the kennels even before becoming a veterinary technician taught me that. For example, you can never guarantee that a particular animal will still be in the cage that it was placed in five minutes later. There are a few that I remember specifically, the first was a boxer, about 6 years old, that was brought into the vet’s office by a rescue to be euthanized, they had saved her from a shelter and had housed her for several years. No one would ever consider adopting her, so the rescue had to make room to try and save a younger, more adoptable dog. This boxer was placed in a six foot tall run and after being secured there proceeded to follow me back into the next room. Brushing past me she raced to the door to be let outside. Puzzled I went to her and patting her placed a lead around her neck. Taking her back to the run I noticed three things: the door was closed, the latch was hooked, and the clip holding the latch was securely in place. I had indeed locked her in. There was only a foot of space between the top of the kennels and the ceiling, almost impossible for a dog of her size to squeeze through, not to mention the lack of room in the kennel to obtain a running start. Placing her back in the run I walked to the end of the hall and turned around to watch and wait. It wasn’t a long wait. Without even taking a step she jumped straight upward, grabbed into the chain link with her paws, clawed her way up the next three feet, oozed herself between the gate and ceiling, and dropped to the floor. She was thrilled. I wasn’t as happy however, all my enclosed cages that would be a comfortable size for her were full of patients and boarders. I ended up having to place her in a cramped fully enclosed kennel that we didn’t use much, these type of kennels were dark, and difficult to clean, and in order to clean them you had to be on your knees on the cold cement floor. She spent the next few hours there. I wish I could say that this brave happy dog found a home by showing her spirit but unfortunately not all stories can end with happy endings.

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